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The Importance of Nutrition

We believe at Lewiston Chiropractic that given the proper nutrition your body has the amazing capability of keeping itself healthy. Chiropractic, good nutrition, high-quality whole food supplements and herbals help improve recovery from injury and gives your body nutrients that are essential to maintaining optimal health.

"Let food by thy medicine" Hippocrates

Food Based High-Quality Supplements

Whole food based supplements are naturally more bioavailable as opposed to synthetically made vitamins. Adding high-quality food based supplements gives your body the nutrients that are missing from the Standard American Diet (SAD). SAD is responsible for many health problems in the United States, especially Obesity and Type II diabetes.

Foods are meant to nourish the body, not damage. Eating processed food lacks the nutrients your body needs to be working at its best and many times have ingredients like hydrogenated fats that are damaging. Whole foods will provide the many vitamin complexes, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes needed for optimal health. Many people lack a balanced and complete diet rich in the nutrients, We recommend whole food based supplements to assist with missing nutrients that help keep your body balanced.

We highly recommend and using Standard Process and MediHerb supplements & Herbals. We also support NutriSpec and DoTerra Essential Oils (Deep Blue) to assist in wellness and overall good health.

Standard Process Charlotte

Nutritional Consultation with Rosanna Monteloene NTC

As a holistic nutrition coach I will help empower you to make the best health choices.

Foods you eat should be nutritious and bio-available. Consuming the wrong foods especially over a long period of time adds stress and creates dysfuction in your body. For example, over consumption of sugar and processed foods leads to inflammation, insulin sensitivity, and diabetes.

Studies show that eating foods that are high in sugar and processed are linked to inflammation, weight gain, low energy, fatigue, joint dysfunction and sleep disruptions to name just a few.

Want to feel Younger, have more Energy and Vitality?

Learn how to heal your body with healthy eating and how to incorporate whole food strategies into your diet. Reset old patterns to Recharge & Repair.

Your consultation sessions will teach you about healthy & mindful eating, food prep and stratagies, recipes, whole food supplement information and help give you direction to achieve your health goals."

As your health coach I will help create an individualized program just for you based on your symptoms. An extensive symptom survey is used to help target specific areas of nutritional deficiencies. Supplements will be recommended to help facilitate improvement. There will be special attention to the types of food in your diet or lack in your diet. We will address food sensitivities and implement strategies to remove and replace them to help heal and balance your system.

For the already healthy minded individuals involved in regular intense exercise or training who would like to optimize their performance with natural supplements, a consultation may be just what you need to ensure your feeding your body properly under the demands of training.

We offer a 10 & 21 Detox Program to help achieve your health goals. Individual and group counsultations available. Free 15 minute counsultations offered to see what program is right for you.

Benefits of Detox with Standard Process 21 Day Purification Program

This program gives you an easily structured plan for purifying, nourishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The supplements will support your major organ systems with vitamins and minerals from whole food. This program helps to support a healthy weight. The results of completing this program are amazing and help to achieve better digestion, relieves bloating, elimination problems improve, better skin and hair, increased concentration/less brain fog, more energy, and blood improved sugar handling.

There are 4 main Products in the Purification Program and a healthy eating guidebook. High-quality protein shakes (vegetarian available), SP Cleanse (herbal pills), SP Green food and Gastro/whole food fiber. This is a wonderful program to jump start a beginning to your new wellness lifestyle or assist with fast results related to losing weight and feeling better.

In need of a sugar detox and reset from processed foods. Classes are taught throughout the year. is a great way to learn about whole-foods and removing processed sugar with supportive and informative classes. Please inquire to find current dates classes will be offered.

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